SGH Wins Course of the Year Award For Global Management Practice

The Global Management Practice course encompasses challenges of diversity and uncertainty and their managerial implications. The main focus of this course is on managing people across cultures. It is meant to develop a managerial mindset beyond traditional limitations, focusing on what it really means to practice management, encouraging students to move between management concepts and their real-life applicability. We caught up with Professor Jacek Miroński to learn more about this award-winning course.

The fundamental objective of this course, as I perceive it, is to develop among students the attitude of “Reflective Practitioner” (source: S.

20 Nov 2017

Experience the CEMS Waltzing Days 2018 in Vienna

The CEMS Alumni Association Austria and the CEMS Club Vienna are happy to invite you to the CEMS Waltzing Days 2018, which will take place from the 11th to 14th of January 2018.

This CEMS event is will be held for the 16th consecutive year and has established itself as an absolute must within the CEMS event calendar.

15 Nov 2017

Nova Wins Course of the Year

The Nova School of Business (Nova) recently won the CEMS Course of the Year award for the Strategy course “Negotiation Strategy”. The course was voted by CEMS students as the best course in the category of Strategy. We recently interviewed Professor Luis Almeida Costa, who teaches this course, and CEMS students, to understand what made this course so successful.

This course offers a strategic and integrated perspective about how to prepare and how to deal with different types of negotiating situations in an international context.

27 Nov 2017

CEMS to Welcome the American University in Cairo

It is with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming arrival of the first business school in the Middle East and Africa to join CEMS. The arrival of The American University in Cairo (AUC) into the CEMS Family, pending ratification at the Annual Events in Sydney, is particularly significant because it means that CEMS will be present on every continent in the world for the first time. Please join us in welcoming this prestigious organization to CEMS and read the exclusive announcement in Forbes today:

14 Nov 2017

Block Seminar of the Year 2016/2017: “Strategy as Practice – Critical Thinking, Problem Formulation, and Biases’’

A co-creation of Professor Phillip C. Nell from WU, Vienna University of Economics and Business and Professor Diego Stea from Copenhagen Business School, this block seminar was developed based on a discussion between the two about conventional approaches in classic strategy courses. In contrast to classic approaches, this course uses insights from the behavioral sciences and focused on the fact that, after all, strategy is crafted and implemented by humans. Thus, we focused on perceptions, logical fallacies, and cognitive biases that human beings frequently suffer from, so as to provide new insights on the strategic management of organizations.

Through this course, the students learned how the adoption of a behavioral perspective provides important insights into the way strategy is crafted and carried out in practice.

09 Nov 2017