What is the Lifelong Upgrade?

You have paid already several times the yearly membership fee and think it would have been better to become a lifelong member? Now it is possible! We have a personal offer for a Lifelong Membership Upgrade for CEMS Alumni who paid several times the yearly fee for a preferred price! The only condition is that you have already paid a yearly membership for at least 3 times.

Find below a table summarizing the prices for upgrading to a lifelong membership:

Paid X yearly memberships Upgrade Price, EUR
10 x paid 40
8 x paid 120
7 x paid 160
6 x paid 200
5 x paid 240
4 x paid 280
3 x paid 320

This offer is exclusive for Members of CEMS Alumni Association Austria (LC Austria).

If you are interested in this offer and you have more questions, feel free to contact us at alumni@cems.at


Lifelong upgrades are an exclusive offer for only specific Local Committees (LC).
Please contact your local Alumni Association for further information.